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Logical Fallacy Exercise

Read carefully each sentence and then determine whether or not the writer commits a logical fallacy. If the answer is yes, neatly write the name of the fallacy to one side of the sentence. If the answer is no, write “no.”

  1. If the professor allows one student to turn in a late paper without a penalty, other students will want to turn in late papers without a penalty, and soon everybody in the class will be turning in late papers.
  2. In order to maintain our military supremacy, we must either substantially increase the number of volunteers willing to serve in the military or we must reinstate the draft.
  3. While it is true that our policies in Iraq are opposed by the majority of the world’s governments, those governments are merely envious of our power and influence.
  4. The candidate would be an excellent president—after all, he was a successful governor of the second-largest state in the union.
  5. Lewis-Clark State College must be the least respected institution of higher learning in the State of Idaho. It’s student fees are the lowest, it has the least number of full-time students, and the Idaho legislature consistently allocates it less money per capita than the other schools.
  6. Two kinds of students enroll in English 102: those with a genuine interest in writing and research and those with almost no interest in writing and research.
  7. Everyone who attends English 102 is interested in improving writing and research skills.
  8. My wife walks at least four miles each morning before work. She has lost fifteen pounds in the last three weeks. If she continues this regimen of exercise and continues to lose weight at the same rate as she has recently done, she will lose an additional twenty pounds in four weeks.
  9. Abortion is wrong because a person does not have the power to end the life of a fetus.
  10. In the years since Idaho raised the speed limit to 75 miles per hour on the interstate, the annual number of traffic fatalities in Idaho has doubled. The new speed limit is causing unnecessary fatalities.
  11. While I agree that I have received a few D’s and F’s on important exams, I’ve worked hard and turned in every assignment . Besides, I have perfect attendance, and I’ve received A’s and B’s on other assignments. The teacher just doesn’t like me or I’d have a better final grade.
  12. Five witnesses have testified that Julia Smith was the last person seen leaving the office before the office was robbed. Julia has the only key. Julia is the thief.
  13. Raising the tax on gasoline to increase money for education is a good idea and those people opposing it are more concerned with driving their ATVs, pickup trucks, and cars than keeping the costs of education reasonable and affordable for students.
  14. Almost everyone values life, and consequently we should all oppose a woman’s right to terminate a pregnancy.
  15. The teacher can’t be very good if he continually strays from the subject and avoids answering direct questions.